The wide leaf and naturally feathered palm leaf appearance of this thatch shingle is designed to re-create the look and feel of natural palm leaf thatching. This synthetic fiber thatching material uses bent courses at the eave, similar to the "Bali" thatch design, to give the look of a loose palm leaf edge.
endureed premium synthetic thatch Endureed® Premium Thatch shingles consist of individual synthetic reeds bound by a durable stainless steel binder strip. Synthetic reed thatch shingles are designed to resist infestation, mildew and damage due to UV degradation. They are exceptionally fire and flame retardant and have excellent wind uplift resistance. The Synthetic reeds are manufactured from a hi-grade PVC compound. and the binding system is a 23-gauge grade 304 Stainless Steel. Endureed® Premium Thatch is a Premium Synthetic Thatch roofing system designed with the look and feel on natural thatch roofs without any of the problems that plague them. We Started developing the synthetic thatch market over a decade ago and continue to be the leaders in developing, testing, and design of these roofs.


Hawaiian Style Grass Thatch. This premium shingle is designed to resemble the look and feel of the Hawaiian "Pili Grass" thatching and is also a great way to re-create the popular Asian A lang-A lang thatching. Kona is typically installed using a loose island eave bend, giving it the appearance of traditional "Island" thatching.
Endureed® Premium Thatch has over a decade of proven performance- with original customers that are still buying it for new properties, with the original roof still performing through tornadoes, hurricanes, intense UV, and even snow. Endureed® Premium Thatch is really the only product on the market that is truly designed for 20 years of longevity in any climate; it is made with only the highest quality raw materials that are specifically designed for long term exposure to the elements. It is inherently fire resistant and carries a US Class "A" fire rating. It has a 140 mph wind rating and also eliminates the problem of rodent and insect infestation which is a large issue with natural thatch roofs. All shingle designs are based on the same overall patented design concept, which utilizes a stainless steel crimp binder to hold individual natural looking synthetic reeds to form easy to install "shingles" or "panels".


This loosely tapered, slightly longer thatch shingle is designed to resemble the looser appearance of Balinese and Japanese thatching. This style of synthetic fiber thatch roofing is typically installed using island eave bends and is used to complete the look and feel of traditional "Island" grass thatching.
This design, along with the high quality synthetic compound used, has earned Endureed® thatch materials Class "A" fire ratings, extreme UV and high wind load ratings, in addition to years of maintenance free thatch roofs and many satisfied customers. Each of these shingle designs have been assembled to accurately re-create the look and feel of several different styles of traditional thatching some of which have "reeds" of varying shapes and colors. All Endureed® shingle designs are designed to have all of the charming visual nuances of traditional thatch roofing, without any of the drawbacks. Since the product's inception in the late '90s, no other thatch roof material has been able to match its quality and durability.
Compare results from the various independent testing agencies, and the actual product construction, and you will see why discriminating building owners, searching for an authentic looking thatch roof, are specifying Endureed® Premium Thatch.